Showing off how well I ramble at midnight: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto.

After watching the Lady Gaga’s latest video for her song “Alejandro,” one of my friends asked, “What the heck is she wearing on her boobs at the end?”

My response (after a minute of laughing out loud by myself in my room):

I think the pointy boobs were an allusion to Madonna. But I like to think of the pointy boobs to allude to…well, how the bra was actually originally a full shirt to begin with but then during all the dancing, one of the guy dancers accidentally snagged at the front part of her shirt exactly where her boobies are and the pointy parts at the end of her bra/boobs are actually leftover strands of what was left of the shirt. Why in that shape? Because the designer of the shirt came up with a luxurious way to make the boobs feel more at home by knitting the shirt in a circular pattern at the boob areas similar to how bonnets are knitted in a circular pattern. So when one of the male dancers accidentally snagged the shirt at those areas, the result was two really long conical shapes that juts out from the chest area. The production was out of time and money and so they just left her shirt that way. To make Lady Gaga feel less lonely in the sudden change in costume style and modesty, the director just made all the men take off their clothes as well (of course they made sure to retain some modesty by allowing them to wear very thin loincloths).

On a more serious note, I really don’t know what to make of her latest video. I don’t know if I like it. I don’t know if I DON’T like it.


One thought on “Showing off how well I ramble at midnight: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto.

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