“Romance, woman he hardly knows”

“And a man who sings about romance
Woman he hardly kno-o-ows
What good does it bring, this is the life that he cho-o-ose…”
–Laura Marling from her song, “Man Sings About Romance”

The line breaks so that “romance” sounds like the name of a woman. Personification.

People fall in love with the idea of romance. With the idea of being in love. Then Marling says that people sing (and talk) about romance without really knowing what it is. What love is.

(There were only 2 videos of this on youtube. This and the one where it’s just her picture on the screen for the whole song. So I chose this since it’s less boring. Not saying that her face is boring…)

I also really like this part:

These people, are my people, watch how we roll
don’t mess ‘em up, they’re young, life’s only just begun
And for the record we were messed up, on our own
He takes the fakes and puts them in their place
And he swiftly moves along
And he’s known around
He’s passed his break of social season hearts
Yeah I’ve spoke and yeah we get along

She personifies love as some man/god who goes around breaking people’s hearts. I don’t really know who the narrator is saying “These people are my people.” It’s either Love (personified) or a “commoner” (ok, also personified) who falls into the pitfalls of love. The part where “he takes the fakes and puts them in their place” is definitely someone of power and I think this is the man/god called Love. The man/god called Love is someone that everybody falls in love with. The narrator admits that “Yeah, I’ve spoke and yeah we get along.” Get along…so they’re friends who bicker every once in a while but they hang out. haha cute casual tone.

I think the song is saying that everybody falls in love with Love…the idea of being in love. To the point where sometimes it doesn’t matter who we fall in love with. Love is a lover created by a relationship we have with another person? Even our own individual, personal relationships with Love can be described as love-hate relationships because Love can be annoying at times. If we could talk to Love, what would we say to it? What would Love say to us? Does this song assume that there is no higher being (God) that controls love/Love? It seems so because Love is personified as something all powerful. What if Love is something that even God doesn’t control? That it is its own God? I don’t like the word “God.” I would say Love is a force. I think that when people have bad breakups, people may scream at God (even if they don’t believe in a God) because at moments of frustration, we have to believe that there is a higher being out there who controls what’s happening. We have to have a scapegoat. We have to believe that what happens to us is not the fault of our own stupidity or the fault of the he/she-who-must-not-be-named-ex-lover. So we curse God. But this song seems to say “curse Love instead.”

This was a thought-post that I had since June 15. I have many of these thought-posts. Thought-post. I like the sound of that word. I’d like to keep using this word. If I come up with more new words, I’ll have to start making a glossary.


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