stream of self consciousness: from song interpretations to bullshit to rhetoric

I don’t like reading people’s interpretations about song lyrics. Especially on youtube. And especially when they make a novel-length explanation. I don’t mind seeing interpretations at

I was just reading some of my past blog entries. I feel bad that most are about song lyrics because I finished reading 2 books this summer and I’d like to write about them soon. Lyrics have been a cop-out I suppose. They’re easier to write about because the blog entry ends up being an interpretation. So there’s no right or wrong.

Another thing I feel bad about my past blog entries are the way I wrote the song interpretations. They’re not very tasteful. I’d like to be able to analyze a song’s lyrics without sounding like I’m tearing it apart. If that makes sense.

I am aware that some of the sentences I just wrote are sentence fragments and grammatically incorrect. Too bad. I feel that just as there are prescriptive and descriptive ways of speaking, there are also prescriptive and descriptive ways of writing.

I don’t live my life like a rebel or anything interestingly badass. I’m very boring actually. So I write nonsense because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being BA.

I’ve self-titled myself as Grammar Rebel. I’ve actually written an email to someone calling myself this. Geeky? Or is it nerdy? Maybe pathetic. What’s the difference between geeky and nerdy? One of the scariest yet liberating thing I’ve relearned in the past year is that definitions can be changed till they’re completely unrecognizable from their current/previous form. Is it just bad, evil, manipulative, useless rhetoric? Perhaps. I don’t know. Maybe people just say things differently to make things more complicated. Or to sound smart. The ultimate and most popular form of BS: making some sort of shocking statement that sounds different but true. Because it seems as if you’re thinking. Well, yeah so what if you’ve thought up of a seemingly-clever phrase? If it’s not true, it demeans the purpose of rhetoric? Or is it? I suppose that the purpose of rhetoric is to come to the truth. So one can argue that without bull-shitting, illogical statements, and just plain bad rhetoric then there wouldn’t be good rhetoric that cancels out the bullshitters out there who only say things to confuse others in an effort to promote selfish causes. Coming to truth is kind of like brainstorming. During brainstorming, every idea goes so there’s bound to be bad ideas mixed with good. In a way, if bad rhetoric is not appreciated, then we can’t appreciate good rhetoric even more. Can good exist without bad? Dark without light? It’s that age-old question again.

I realize that I should probably put pictures with these because this entry is all text. But what to put? I guess I can just put whatever the hell pictures I want. I’ll do just that.


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