“I have seen the sun and I have seen the gallows, seen the moon turn pale underneath the shadows” –Ryan Adams

The line is about experience I think. It says, “I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen been around long enough, observed long and hard enough to see how the full moon becomes the full moon. I’ve reached as high as the sun and been as low as to look at the ground because my head was hanging in shame from being in the gallows.”

This song sounds (and looks) like a mumbo-jumbo of things. But I love it. I think it’s interesting how the way it’s sung makes the mumbo-jumbo flow together in unity. I think the words are supposed to sound confused. I think it’s because the guy in the song is confused. He’s not going to make it out of a spot of trouble. We don’t know what trouble. He mentions her kiss a lot and after each time, “I may have tried…honey, I’m not gonna get out of this one this time.” Uh, so this trouble is keeping him from being with her. How permanently? Sounds pretty grave permanent.

Still thinking on this line:

I drank her mother’s wine
Against my doctor’s orders

Also, how does stealing fit with it? First lines were

My father’s son I am
a criminal by trade
And what I have inherited
Just some old jewel thief bags
And the key to the backdoor of everyplace

So we have this guy in trouble, possibly because he thieved. So this guy feels like a major thief and even more so because in the next part

Just like a man, I was fit to roll
I roll right through her door

Not gonna go into a detailed explanation about that one. I’ll just say that he feels like he stole from her too…or at least, he snuck in smoothly in her home because he has “the key to the backdoor of everyplace.”

Full Lyrics


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