“Undress your skirt, undress your eyes” –Ryan Adams

Hahaha another side of Ryan Adams. Most of the stuff I listen to by him are rather depressing. He’s great for depressing. They’re all about love but usually depressing.

This is not depressing. This is wreaping the benefits of love…or maybe not love but rather, luuuust. If you haven’t listened to it yet, it’s like the “Gizz in my pants” song from SNL. But serious. Though it might make you chuckle. And it may actually make you gizz.

So the part

Undress your skirt
Undress my eyes
Undress your things that I guess that I came for this

reminds me of that part in “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand–the one that goes

Kiss me where your eye won’t meet me
Meet me where your mind won’t kiss me
Flick your eyes and mine and then hit me

But Mr. Adams’s song came out first in 2004.
Full Lyrics


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