“I rarely open it, because I know there is no such thing as a synonym…” –Billy Collins

From amandabauer.blogspot.com

A favorite line from Billy Collins’s poem called Thesaurus .

One of the things that I enjoy doing is writing streams of consciousness. When you write in streams, it’s ok to be ADD with word associations. You can just write and write and write words and each word is a potential for a whole slew of possible, delightful digressios. Why did I write this…oh yeah it’s ’cause we’re talking about synonyms if those really exist.

My favorite stanza is the last

I would rather see words out on their own, away
from their families and the warehouse of Roget,
wandering the world where they sometimes fall
in love with a completely different word.
Surely, you have seen pairs of them standing forever
next to each other on the same line inside a poem,
a small chapel where weddings like these,
between perfect strangers, can take place.

Full Poem


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