“Gonna ramble on, sing my song.” –Led Zeppelin

At 1:50 it sounds like a part of another song but I can’t remember which. I’ll keep listening to stuff and maybe it’ll come to me. I think that the way it changes somehow makes me think of The Who’s Baba O’riley.

It also makes me think of Laura Marlin’s “Rambling Man” which is a song where one can study the journey of the hero.
Rambling Man Video (I will be writing about this song soon but here it is for now).

That’s what this song is: a song about the hero’s journey. Particularly the part where the hero makes his way home. Why this is so (by Me but I’m sure other people saw these too):

  • “…autumn moon lights my way
    For now I smell the rain,”

    is about how the hero is in the “autumn” of his life. We’re taking the idea that “autumn” is part of a cycle of seasons. Among the seasons, autumn represents the time in one’s life where they are mellowing out, figured stuff out, and they’re making their way back home. Once again, we see the use of “rain” as a way to say that there’s a turning point. A change.

  • “On my way, I’ve been this way ten years to the day
    Ramble on, gotta find the queen of all my dreams”

    is alluding to Odysseus

  • “’twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, mm-I met a girl so fair”

    alluding to another epic tale that is largely about the hero’s journey through hell and back

  • “I can’t find my bluebird, I’d listen to my bluebird sing
    but I, I can’t find my bluebird”

    bluebirds are a symbol of happiness. This song seems to end on a sad note. Especially since it ends with the line

    “Well, something’s wrong”

    I wonder what’s wrong.

Full Lyrics


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