“…in the dirty summer rain…” –Ryan Adams

Go here fo Ryan Adams’s new song, Dirty Rain , performed on April 21, 2011 when he opened for Emmylou Harris.

Reiterating the use of precipitation in his songs. Actually, the whole phrase goes

“Took a walk with you
in the shadow of my shoes
Danced around the broken blues
in the dirty summer rain”

Full Lyrics

I don’t know how to interpret this song. Perhaps it is mainly an exercise in imagery and the idea is to treat it like an impressionist painting.

I’ve been listening to this song since last summer and after letting my thoughts ferment in my brain, I decided to be brave and put those thoughts down. They are going to come as a stream of consciousness mostly of me asking questions and me answering those questions because this is what I do:

Why is it the shadow of his shoes? I think it’s because the sun is setting and it’s at the time of day when your shadow is longer than your body. So the image is a guy and a girl walking away from the sun…light…hope/happiness.

Broken blues means that it’s a sad time and not the first time. Dirty summer rain…rain is about renewal of life/change…why is it dirty? Why in the summer? Summer usually symbolizes the time in our lives when we’re in our roaring 20s, experimenting, taking risks. The rain is dirty…because love can be messy.

To be continued…


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