“every time he took a bite of his bread, his blood fell onto it” –Louise Erdrich

The whole paragraph goes

“My mother came in, turned the set off real quiet, and told us she had made something for supper. So we went and sat down. There was still blood going down Stephan’s chin but he didn’t notice it, and no one said anything even though every time he took a bite of his bread his blood fell onto it until he was eating his own blood mixed in with the food.”

–from Louise Erdrich in the short story titled “The Red Convertible” p. 5 of the book of short stories also called The Red Convertible

The imagery is so poignant and probably because it’s so ironic. We have a scene that is supposed to be of food…love…nurturing coupled with a guy eating his own blood –> eating himself away –> self-sacrificement? Might’ve made up a new word there.


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