“the challenge is that there is no challenge” –by me

Being a good English major requires one to be narcissistic at times.

Someday I’m going to use this line in a publication. When I said this to someone, I meant that you can’t always trick yourself to changing something fundamental about you by doing mind games or “challenges.” Sure, people addicted to something “bad” can wean themselves off from doing this “bad” habit by lessening the number of times they do it over a long period of time. As in, cigarette smokers can wean themselves off of their habit by doing one or 2 less siggies a week till they aren’t smoking anymore.

The evil exes from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Because they challenged Scott for Ramona.

The worst challenge is when you stop cold for a period of time and then you let yourself binge on the old habit again. And then you stop and then start again. It just conditions you to look forward to starting again. The cigarette example seems a bit better because you get used to less siggies but then the other side of it is that you put more value in that one last cigarette simply ’cause of supply and demand.

Honestly, I think if you think something is bad for you, just don’t do it. I think maybe it’s about thinking long and hard about why it’s bad for you so you don’t want to do it anymore. And then you just don’t do it. Maybe it’s just ’cause I think too much and analyze things till I end up analyzing myself analyzing the situation. When you get to that point, it’s time to act on it.

Challenges, in terms of addiction and this particular context, are for people who know something’s bad for them but don’t fully understand it to the core. So they use mind tricks. I guess the trick is to make sure you don’t trick yourself back the other way.

To each his own.


One thought on ““the challenge is that there is no challenge” –by me

  1. First of all, I came here from songmeanings, and I must say, this is a most interesting blog. So, kudos for analyzing little lines and snippets to death like I do 🙂

    Second, and more to the point- when I first read that quote/line you so wonderfully came up with, I was thinking more of our own perceptions of our lives. Like, how everything’s a drama and everyone’s out to get you, me against the world, et cetera, and how we practically create these challenges for ourselves so that we can get a prize at the end for all of our valiant efforts.
    But of course, the real challenge in life would be to accept that there is no grand quest, no movie script ending, and that’s the hardest thing of all. To be able to displace yourself from that allegorical plot.
    Just my two cents 🙂

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