“Anything other than yes is no, anything other than stay is go” –John Mayer

From the song “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing” in the Battle Studies album.

Now that we are over as the loving kind
We’ll be dreaming ways to keep the good alive
Only when we want is not a compromise
I’d be pouring tears into your drying eyes

(He talks about how he got the idea for the song and adds a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ in between stanzas.)

I’ve heard of people who say that it’s impossible for them to keep on being friends with people they’ve been with. But I think it’s possible to still be friends. There are just those first awkward couple of interactions that make people think it’s impossible to still be friends. It’s awkward especially if one person liked the other more than the other person liked them back. Something about rejection I guess. After a couple awkward times, one day you’ll both just laugh at the same thing and it’ll be fine. This doesn’t work if you didn’t have anything much in common with the other person.

Not really sure about “Only when what we want is not a compromise I’d be pouring tears into your drying eyes.” Maybe it’s about how if they decide to get back together and do stuff, they set each other up for a sorrow round later when they decide to stop seeing each other again. Or if the not-compromise is about not seeing each other, then it’s already at the sorrow round. No matter what the not-compromise is, it’s gonna end up with a sucky ending.

Addition 05/27/2011: There are always going to be compromises in relationships. So when you don’t have a compromise, you have no relationship. So when what they both want is not a compromise, it means they’re nothing at all. And that’s the sorrow.


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