“And now I’m standing facing west…covered in rain” –John Mayer

Yep. I’m obsessing over John Mayer. For the past year, it was Ryan Adams. Then some Laura Marling. Now I’m revisiting JM again.

First off, rain again. Throughout the song, I wondered where the rain is coming from. And then in the end, we realize he’s reminiscing about this girl Lydia who he isn’t with anymore. Rain, yet again, about change. The dude, be it JM or not, broke up with this girl and he’s in the process of “forgetting” about her if one can say that we ever really forget about the people we’ve been with.

And now I’m standing facing west

is about looking back. For some reason, I’m thinking Sting here although I’m sure other people use “west” to talk about the past.


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