“last time I was here it was rainin’, ain’t rainin’ anymore” –Ryan Adams

Retired my ass. So glad he’s still kickin’

Dirty Rain MP3 | Ashes & Fire MP3

Rain yet again. The rain was bad rain, hence “dirty rain.” I keep saying this in my other posts (many of them are also about his other songs): rain means change, a turning point because rain is associated with spring and the renewal of life.

We see dirty rain because

streets were drowning waters raining
while the ruins washed ashore
now I’m here just looking through the rubble
tryin to find out who we were

the dirty, messy business of breaking up with someone or something:

windows broken and smoke’s escaping
the books scattered across the floor
and the church bells ringing through the silence
your coat was filled with bullet holes

The chorus seems to be this. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what the words were. This seems to sound good though

And soooo may the wind blow, may the moonlight know your name
Soooo may the needle move the record around
Till the walls cave in
While you and I were out there dancin’ in the dirty rain

–thanks for Ashley’s edits to what I had before

Coming to terms? It’d be really cool if this song isn’t actually about a girl. Maybe it’s about how he seems to have mellowed out now.

If you want the full lyrics from what I’ve made out of the song, email me at tplife007@gmail.com.


7 thoughts on ““last time I was here it was rainin’, ain’t rainin’ anymore” –Ryan Adams

  1. Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also to me your idea is pleasant. I suggest to take out for the general discussion. 😀

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what you meant about taking this out for a general discussion but I am taking it as a compliment. What made you search for ryan adams’s new song?

  2. So, may the wind blow, may the moonlight know your name….
    So, let the needle move the record round till the walls cave in…
    And you and I are out there dancing in the dirty rain.

  3. I took the meaning much different. I thought it was about somebody standing up to oppression of some sort, like domestic violence (think Jenny from Forest Gump) They were crying, but they aren’t crying anymore. They were waiting. But not any more. The glass broke and smoke is escaping after some sort of fire or explosion, possibly a gun. The dirty rain brings change but they are dancing, happy, about the change. Sounds like someone had a weight lifted.

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Greg, I like the domestic violence bit. It certainly looks possible. When I think of domestic violence, I usually think of one-sided oppression and the song sounds tender in a way that makes the violence/chaos details sound very neutral. If it is domestic violence, I can see how the narrator can be showing regret for his actions—not blaming himself/herself is natural (it’s hard to admit you were wrong).

      My beef with that idea is that the narrator sounds like he is letting himself get away with having inflicted violence on someone they are supposed to cherish. If someone were truly regretful enough to write a song about how ugly they were, I think it would be beautifully honest to express how ugly they were.

      In the song, it is as if the chaos and violence wasn’t from one person or the other. The chaos was there and blame is gone. I would say yes, violence was there and it could be domestic–just not the way it usually would fit into the genre.

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