“What sin replaces love?” –Ryan Adams

“Imagine yourself on a mountain
Mountain discovered with flowers
Flowers discolored with horses
Horses distracted by stones
Stone distrusted with me

Then you might know what I mean
‘Cause I want to kick love right in its gut”

…maybe he was on drugs. However, it makes sense that the lyrics don’t make sense. Love doesn’t make sense and that’s why he “wants to kick love right in its gut.”

Actually, as of 05/25/2010 5:39 pm, I change my mind. “Imagine…stone distrusted with me” does make sense after a while. I think it’s about good things being ruined. And the ruin is caused by the narrator “me” with “stone distrusted with me.” “Me” is throwing stones at the horses. The horses trample or eat the flowers. The flowers make the mountains beautiful. This beauty is ruined by the narrator “me.”

What sin replaces love? The first thing I thought of was an equal sign. But no. This isn’t about sin = love. This is about love being more sinful than a sin.

Love > Sin.

Wow look at that. The first time I’ve used a semblance of math in a post. Cherish the moment because I used to sing “I hate math, math hates me” to the tune of “I love you, you love me” from Barney everyday after lunch while walking to my calculus class.

Speaking of sins…this video is so raw it feels as though you shouldn’t be watching it.

Full Lyrics

A bit more about the song


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