“It takes two when it used to take one” –Ryan Adams

Someone looked up meanings for Ryan Adams’s lyrics to the song called “Two.”

Download “Two” MP3 | Download Easy Tiger Album CD

I think they ended up looking at one of my other Ryan Adams posts. To that person, I think that the song “Two” quite simply is about the story of a person who wants someone to take them back. There’s a lot of imagery about things that are broken or things gone wrong: it’s cold but “I wish it was hot”, the sink’s broke and there’s a leak, his money’s no good, he’s a good man but he can’t catch a break…so the dude is “fractured from the fall.” The guy thinks that in order to be unbroken, he has to get back together with someone. And he’s begging her to take him back…”If you take me back, back to your place, I’ll try not to bother you I promise.” He’s basically saying he needs his other half “It takes two when it used to take only one” because he can’t be alone again.

I hope that helps even though this post was crappily written.

That aside, the video is one of my favorite videos out there of Ryan and Neal. Actually, any video of Ryan with the Cardinals is exciting.


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