Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal, Chp. 36 “The First Cloud”

This chapter reminds me so much of a theme in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. This particular theme is about how women are pawns and basically objects of trade and how marriage is an aspect of a political, economic system. In class, we talked about this theme especially in the story of Constance aka “The Man of Law’s Tale.”

In this chapter, Captain Tiago tells Maria Clara to “don’t cry” and told her that Father Dámaso said that “a relative of his had recently arrived from Spain” and that he intends this man to be for María Clara. María Clara’s Aunt Isabel shouted at Captain Tiago, “Do you think your daughter changes fiancés like she changes her blouse?”

Another parallel between Constance and María Clara is that they are both put on the pedestal as “the ideal woman.” In Noli Me Tangere María Clara is described as

“The poor girl, who never knew her mother, dared to confide those sorrows that bring earthly love to that purest of hearts that had only known the love of a daughter and a mother. She, in her sadness, brought to that divine image of woman, the most beautiful idealization of the most ideal of creatures, to that poetic creation of Christianity, which brings together the two most beautiul states of woman, virgin and mother, without misery, whom we call María.”


Not only does this paragraph show the idealization of woman; it is also shows this concept in the context of religion. One of the things that we talked about in our discussion of “The Man of Law’s Tale” is the fact that Constance is seen as an agent of religious change.

That written, SO GLAD I finally got to writing the next blog post of Noli Me Tangere! The goal is to keep this up. Every week at least 1 blog post on this book now that I’ve figured out my work schedule for the two jobs and 2 other tasks I have this summer.


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