“the more I seek the more I’m sought” –Joe Pug

These are the other lines around this part of the song:

“And I’ve come to be untroubled in my seeking.
And I’ve come to see that nothing is for naught.
I’ve come to reach out blind
To reach forward and behind
For the more I seek the more I’m sought
Yeah, the more I seek the more I’m sought.”

It’s from Joe Pug’s son called Hymn #101. First heard this on the radio a few days ago on a car ride. Something about this song just made me listen like how the people in this video are. I think that’s the thing with the repetitive acoustic sound: it helps make sure that people are listening to the lyrics.

For some reason “the more I seek the more I’m sought” just stuck out enough to make me think and write about it. Seems to be something about figuring out who you are, plodding through experiences like a blind person. It’s also something about knowing your past, reaching out to your past while also looking and moving forward from the past in order to find the present state of “you.” If that makes any sense. I think it’s something about being in constant motion too I guess. But in this state of constant “becoming” we have to reflect about where we are once in a while. And we find that we’re always changing. This makes me think back on Gerard Vizenor’s short story called “Ice Tricksters.”

lyrics and thoughts by other people since clearly I’m not good enough for you…joking, but seriously


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