Are you in the Mood? Stephane Grappelli homage to Django Reinhardt partnership

In the middle of this song, there is a “dizzyingly tipsy” duet between the guitarists. I think this part alludes to the partnership between Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. The two played this song together in 1936 as a duet between violin and guitar. The interesting thing is that the guitar duet (starts at 1:21) doesn’t really sound anything like the 1936 violin guitar duet. The later duet version seems to take a break from the swing style and really uses more classical music than jazz. It’s rather beautiful. It’s basically saying that you can convey jazz without sounding like “jazz” as you may expect it.

This was the older 1936 version between Grappelli and Reinhardt.

I wrote a paper about this for my last semester in college. I’m currently far away from the external drive that holds this analysis paper but when I get it, I’ll make sure to post it here.


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