Black Keys’ Everlasting Light: If light and sound could hug you in a warm blanket

I heard this song (Everlasting Light) a few years ago and it really stood out. It’s from the Black Keys’ Brothers album. I don’t remember if I was listening to the full album or if it was a part of a friend’s playlist. I think it stood out because the tempo was so different compared to the other songs I was listening to.

Lyrics | Everlasting Light MP3 | Brothers Album MP3

The thing that I like most about this song is how the sound seems to embody the concept of a light wafting over your body. If sound could hug…

Another fun thing to do with this song is identify the metrical feet in each line. I used this song to practice for my poetry class. I don’t remember if this is right: I ended up finding trochees (stressed followed by unstressed syllables). For each of the main stanzas, I ended up with the following pattern of syllables:

9 Let me be your everlasting light
6 The sun when there is none
6 I’m a shepherd for you
5 And I’ll guide you through
9 Let me be your everlasting light

The pattern changes in the bridge:

Oh baby, can’t you see
It’s shining just for you
Loneliness is over
Dog days are through
They’re through

The sound has a forward moving motion that feels like a wave. I think it has something to do with how each line in the song starts with a stressed syllable.


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