Trevor Noah: a comedian who can talk about race and apartheid with smooth grace

In this 8-minute act, he goes from being born a crime to being Hitler. As a son of a European and a black South African, Trevor Noah has the unique ability to talk humorously about race and apartheid.

“Black Americans are so cool and confident they’ll make you feel good about yourself just by asking if you are you.”

I think the best part about him is that he uses his words to tell his jokes rather than relying on yelling and physical acts. Trevor jabs at the ridiculousness of social systems without acting angry about it. His show is refreshing because rather than a complaint about racism and apartheid, we see a black comedian say “It is what it is, and I deal with it.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not doing anything about it. Trevor Noah’s comedy brings forth these issues in a poignant and human way.

This is my favorite story:

“I was born a crime…in the streets we couldn’t even be seen together. My father would have to walk on the other side of the road and he would just wave at me from afar like a creepy pedophile. Well, just a pedophile because creepy implies that there is some sort of other pedophile and there is none. There’s no classy pedophile…My mom could walk with me but if the police showed up she’d have to let go of my hand and drop me…it was horrible for me. I felt like a bag of weed.”


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