“Got a Mom, Got a Dad, But they do not have each other.” –John Mayer

That’s a great line explaining divorce from the song “Born and Raised.” I wish this song was a single.

I heard his Born and Raised album soon after it came out and didn’t know what to make of it. I guess I just wasn’t sure if this album really marks a turning point. I still don’t know and will probably never know because let’s face it: someone’s persona from the media isn’t going to tell you much about a person. Just to get it out of the way: I hated the song “Shadow Days” because he kept singing “I’m a good man, with a good heart.” If you have to say it, you’re most likely not there yet. Maybe that was the point of that song though. But it also ruined the album for me.

There was just so much shit going on in the media about how Mayer had been acting. That said, I mostly ignore tabloid news (partly because I’m lazy, mostly because I know the media skews a lot of things) but when they start talking about one of your favorites, you can’t help but listen. And yeah, there I said it: I believe in this musician even if most people hate him. But how can someone write great lines of wisdom and mess up so badly?

When my friends and I graduated from college, I saw how a good, young man surrounded by materialism and experiencing a lack of it can turn misogynistic out of frustration. I almost stopped being friends with him. Another mutual friend explained to me that we can’t stop being friends with him because he’s at a time in his life when he needs his friends the most. As much as we wanted to correct him about how he’s being illogical, it was more important to just listen. Our friend needed someone to say, “I hear you,” even if you didn’t agree and even if they bash against all that you stand for and all that you are. You just have to have faith that they’ll turn on their own time because when someone is as lost as they are, the only way for them to truly get home is to find home by walking there. You can speed it up by buying them a flight home but that’s essentially handing it to them on a silver platter.

I have faith that if people put their mind to it, they can change for the better. We can’t allow ourselves to lose our faith in humanity because doing so leads to the negative thought that you yourself can’t change for the better in order to reach your goals and dreams.


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