Banal Na Aso, Holy Cow

I was quizing a friend about Tagalog phrases.
Me: What does “banal na aso” mean?

Friend: Holy cow.

“Banal na aso” means “holy dog.” I’m going to borrow my friend’s holy cow moment to introduce this holy cow cover:

The phrase comes from a song by Yano called Banal na aso, Santong kabayo(Holy dog, saintly horse). If you listen/read the lyrics, each stanza in the song gives us an image of hypocrisy. This one is my go-to stanza (translated into English):

A man is preaching on the streets
A beggar boy asked him for alms
“I am sorry,” he said, “This is for the temple.”
And the child begged, “Just for my food, please,
Can you not give me anything?”
But the preacher moved somewhere else.
Taken from

I like to say that the hypocrisy equates to insanity and the unshakeable laugh you hear in the chorus is a great way to represent this. This is the chorus from the song (translated into English):

Holy dog, saintly horse
I am laughing, Hi hi hi hi
Holy dog, saintly horse
I am laughing, Hi hi hi hi
At you.

Instead of the original version, I am posting a reggae cover of this song by Kokoi because his crazy laugh is awesome for this song.


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