Last scene of hose water in St. Vincent

Recently saw a movie called St. Vincent starring Bill Murray. Great movie. I don’t usually stay to watch end credits but this movie’s ending seamlessly continues as a part of the end credits and though it may seem stupid, you’re mesmerized by what Murray is doing on the screen. Murray, who plays a character named Vincent, goes out to smoke in his backyard of flat dirt. He sits down on a lawn chair and grabs a pot. Dying plant in one hand and a hose in the other, Vincent lets water drip into the pot and then gets up to lie down in the middle of his dirt lawn. While still puffing on his cigarette with hose still in hand, he brings the hose around to water the barren dirt around him and finally turns the hose onto his feet.


This is a terrific scene about cleansing–a very clever scene especially since this movie is about why Vincent is saintly. It’s also a great meta summary of sorts because it’s another example of how Vincent takes care of who or what is in his life. Because he takes care of others, this scene also shows us that his future is promising and that new beginnings may be positive. The baby at the end is a hint at this. 🙂

Written on the Bart subway.

P.S. There was a Bob Dylan song playing through his headset. Must find out the song.


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