Fun fact: I'm a big fan of Ultimate Frisbee.

I hope that those who find this blog use it briefly to understand a particular phrase. I don’t have any definite answers for people but what I do have is the ability to make sense of things for myself. I hope that by sharing my thoughts, I help others to understand and think critically. If I can help someone else in this way, then I have met my goal. In the last 5 years, this blog has received over 30,000 views from about 20 different countries. Very glad that some people have found use for a few posts.

What you can expect to find: thoughts about movies, songs, and phrases in books. For example, I have blogged about :

  • how a song’s length perfectly captures a song’s content (Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel)
  • Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump–his first words in the movie were about taking care of your feet and then he loses his legs
  • Blackbird by Paul McCartney is about the civil rights movement in the United States

If there’s a phrase that’s eating at you, say hello at tplife007@gmail.com.